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Yoga Classes

There currently are no scheduled public yoga classes

What our customers are saying

"I have been taking LaRae’s Pilates and yoga classes for over 3 years and through that time I have been able to develop a trusting relationship with her. When my mom was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia I sought out LaRae for private instruction to see if yoga could help my mom who was been suffering with severe chronic physical and emotional pain for decades. LaRae took the time to hear her physical limitations, research fibromyalgia, share her resources with us and she put together a yoga routine specific for my mom’s needs. My mom went from having close to no movement in her life to incorporating yoga into her daily morning routine and in less than a month she is feeling immense relief of physical pain, stress and anxiety. She has recently started walking again and is enjoying life more. She said, “If I was told I would be feeling this good so soon I would have never believed it.” As a daughter it is such relief to see my mom experience the immense benefits of yoga and her commitment to the practice inspires me to do more. I am truly grateful for the positive impact LaRae’s instructor has added to our lives."


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