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Pilates Personal Training

Offering Pilates training on a wide variety of Pilates equipment, including Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs, Barrels, and many of Jospeh Pilates other small apparatus.  The beauty of the equipment is it’s ability to challenge you or to assist you depending on your bodies needs. The equipment helps to connect you to your center, teach you where you at in space, puts you in your core, promotes good posture, and helps move you towards balance.   Offered in 30 minute or 55 minute sessions.  As an individual or as a group of 2 or 3.  Email me with questions or to schedule an appointment 

What our customers are saying

Discovering Pilates is one of the best things I’ve done for myself. And discovering the professional, knowledgeable, and energetic instructor, LaRae Brownewell, makes it a solid win for me. I enjoy and benefit from each and every session we have. I’m continuously challenged, never bored, and always feel better afterwards. I know I am stronger!

~Dianne Hughes, client/student since 2014

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